A Linear Simulation Technique for a Power Traveling-Wave Amplifier

This Paper discusses a simple linear simulation technique to optimize the design of a traveling-wave amplifier (TWA) for best power and efficiency while avoiding extensive non- linear simulations. This simple optimization is used in achieving an equal voltage swing across the drain of each FET cell of the non-uniform traveling wave amplifier, in addition each cell is matched to its optimum load impedance. This is demonstrated by designing a non-Uniform traveling wave power amplifier MMIC usingthissimplelineartechnique. ThisMMICPAwasfabricated using a 0.25μm GaN/SiC process, it operates from DC to 10GHz and delivers 5W (37dBm) output power, 13dB small signal gain and a 25% PAE. Simulated results agree with measurements.

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