AMCOM’s AM153540WM-BM/EM/FM-R is part of the GaAs HiFET MMIC power amplifier series. It is a 2-stage GaAs HIFET PHEMT MMIC power amplifier. It is fully matched to 50-ohm at both input and output, covering 1.5 to 3.5GHz. The MMIC has 21dB gain and 38.5dBm output power at 14V. The BM package RF and DC leads are coplanar with the bottom level of the package, which serves as ground, to facilitate low-cost SMT assembly to the PC board. Because of high DC power dissipation, we strongly recommend mounting this device directly on a metal heat sink. The FM package is the BM package mounted on a copper flange carrier. The EM package has the same footprint as the FM package with straight leads and a Copper/Tungsten flange instead of the Copper flange. There are two screw holes on the flange to facilitate screwing onto a metal heat sink. This MMIC is RoHS compliant.

General Parameters:
Fmin (GHz): 1.5
Fmax (GHz): 3.5
Gain(dB): 18
Psat(dBm): 39.5
Eff(%): 35
Bias (V): +14 / -0.95
Package: SMT/Flange
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