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Established in December 1996, AMCOM is a leading edge microwave design organization that provides power FETs, MMIC power amplifiers, as well as high-power amplifier modules with RF and DC connectors.

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Discrete Power GaN HEMTs

Part Number Freq(GHz) Gss(dB) P5dB(dBm) PAE@P5dB Vds ECCN S-parameters
AM050WN-CU-R* DC-6 16dB 43dBm 55% 28V EAR99 download
AM100WN-CU-R* DC-6 14dB 46dBm 50% 28V EAR99 download
AM025WN-BI-R* DC-8 16dB 40dBm 52% 28V EAR99 download
AM012WN-BI-R* DC-10 17dB 37dBm 51% 28V EAR99 download
AM005WN-BI-R DC-12 15dB 33.5dBm 51% 28V EAR99 download

Universal Modules

Model Freq(GHz) Gain(dB) P1dB(dBm) P3db(dBm) Eff(%) DC bias(V) ECCN
AM206541UM-3H* 2.0-6.5 26 38 41 20 28 EAR99

Power Amplifier Modules

Model Freq(GHz) Gain(dB) P5db(W) IP3(dBm) Eff(%) Vd(V) Idq(A) Size(in)
AM206545SF-3H 2.6-6.5 28 31 47 20 32 2.5 4x3.18x0.56
AM07512043SF-2H 7.5-12 19 20 47 15 32 2.5 4x3.08x0.56
AM608038SF-3H 6-8 26 8 45 15 32 0.75 4.0x3.2x0.75
AM658043SF-5H 6-8 38 25 51 13 32 1.8 6.0x3.6x0.75

Bias Tees

Part Number Freq Insertion Loss Input Return Loss Ouput Return Loss DC Current RF Power
AM000100PM-BT 0.05-10GHz 0.75dB 15dB 15dB 2.0Amp 30dBm
AM000110PM-BT 0.05-12GHz 0.8dB 18dB 17dB 2.0Amp 30dBm
AM000200PM-BT 300KHz-20GHz 0.75dB 20dB 20dB 0.8Amp 30dBm

Discrete Power GaN HEMTs

Part Number Freq(GHz) Gss(2GHz) P5dB(2GHz) Eff Vds ECCN S-parameters
AM005WN-00-R* DC-18 23dB 33.4dBm 56% 28V EAR99 download
AM012WN-00-R* DC-15 22dB 37.7dBm 55% 28V EAR99 download
AM025WN-00-R* DC-15 21dB 40.5dBm 53% 28V EAR99 download
AM050WN-00-R* DC-15 20dB 43.3dBm 51% 28V 3A001.b.3 download
AM100WN-00-R* DC-15 19dB 46.1dBm 50% 28V 3A001.b.3 download


Model Frequency(GHz) SS Gain P1dB P5dB EffI Vd ECCN
AM00012033TM-SN-R* DC-12 14dB 26dBm 33dBm 15% 28V EAR99
AM00018033TM-SN-R 0.05-18 14dB 22dBm 33dBm 15% 28V EAR99
AM018033TM-SN-R* 0.1-8.0 19dB 26dBm 33dBm 12% 28V EAR99
AM206541TM-SN-R* 2.0-6.5 26dB 38dBm 41dBm 20% 28V EAR99
AM07512041TM-SN-R* 7.5-12.0 21dB 38dBm 41dBm 20% 28V 3A001.b.2.b

GaAs MMICs for VSAT & ITU Applications

Model Frequency(GHz) SS Gain P1dB P3dB EffI Vd ECCN
AM13516042WM-SO-R* 13.5-16.0 22dB 15W 16W 32% 8V 3A001.b.2.b

SPDT T/R Switches

Model Frequency(GHz) SS Gain P1dB P5dB EffI Vd ECCN
AM00014040TM-00* DC-14 1.2dB 40dBm - - -15V EAR99
AM00011040TM-CM-R* DC-11 1.5dB 40dBm - - -15V EAR99
AM007040TM-CM-R* DC-7.0 1.5dB 40dBm 43dBm - -15V EAR99

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