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Established in December 1996, AMCOM is a leading edge microwave design organization that provides power FETs, MMIC power amplifiers, as well as high-power amplifier modules with RF and DC connectors.

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New Product Announcement – 4/7/2014

AMCOM has released several new GaN ultra wide-band MMIC power amplifiers. AM00012033TM-SN-R works from DC to 12GHz with 14dB small signal gain and 2W saturated CW output power. AM206042TM-SN-R works from 2.0-6.5GHz with 26dB small signal gain and 12W saturated CW output power. ECCN for both MMICs is 3A001.b.2.b. Refer to data sheets for details.

Model Frequency(GHz) SS Gain P1dB P5dB EffI Vd ECCN
AM00012033TM-SN-R DC-12 14dB 26dBm 33dBm 15% 28V 3A001.b.2.b
AM00018033TM-SN-R 0.05-18 14dB 22dBm 33dBm 15% 28V 3A001.b.2.b
AM018033TM-SN-R 0.1-8.0 19dB 26dBm 33dBm 12% 28V 3A001.b.2.b
AM07512041TM-SN-R 7.5-12.0 21dB 38dBm 41dBm 20% 28V 3A001.b.2.b
AM206541TM-SN-R 2.0-6.5 26dB 38dBm 41dBm 20% 28V 3A001.b.2.a
Model Frequency(GHz) SS Gain P1dB P3dB EffI Vd ECCN
AM13516042WM-SO-R 13.5-16.0 22dB 15W 16W 32% 8V 3A001.b.2.b
Model Frequency(GHz) SS Gain P1dB P5dB EffI Vd ECCN
AM00014040TM-00 DC-14 1.2dB 40dBm - - -15V EAR99
AM00011040TM-CM-R DC-11 1.5dB 40dBm - - -15V EAR99
AM007040TM-CM-R DC-7.0(SPDT) 1.5dB 40dBm 43dBm - -15V EAR99

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