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Application Notes
AN100 Handling and Mounting of Packaged FET - QG series
AN136 Amplifier Design Example - using Power FET AM036MX-QG-R
AN148 Amplifier Design Example - using Power FET AM048MX-QG-R
AN200 Handling and Mounting of Packaged FET - QF series
AN400 Handling and Mounting of Packaged FET - CU series
AN900 Handling and mounting of BI packaged high voltage GaAs FET

Discrete Power GaN HEMTs

Part Number Freq(GHz) Gss(dB) P5dB(dBm) PAE@P5dB Vds ECCN S-parameters
AM050WN-CU-R* DC-6 16dB 43dBm 55% 28V EAR99 download
AM100WN-CU-R* DC-6 14dB 46dBm 50% 28V EAR99 download
AM025WN-BI-R* DC-8 16dB 40dBm 52% 28V EAR99 download
AM012WN-BI-R* DC-10 17dB 37dBm 51% 28V EAR99 download
AM005WN-BI-R DC-12 15dB 33.5dBm 51% 28V EAR99 download

*Part in-stock

Part Number Freq(GHz) Gss(2GHz) P5dB(2GHz) Eff Vds ECCN S-parameters
AM012WN-00-R* DC-15 22dB 37.7dBm 55% 28V EAR99 download
AM025WN-00-R* DC-15 21dB 40.5dBm 53% 28V EAR99 download
AM050WN-00-R* DC-15 20dB 43.3dBm 51% 28V 3A001.b.3 download
AM100WN-00-R* DC-15 19dB 46.1dBm 50% 28V 3A001.b.3 download
AM005WN-00-R* DC-18 23dB 33.4dBm 56% 28V EAR99 download

*Part in-stock

GaAs FET (good linearity at back-off)

Part Number Gss P1dB Eff@P1dB IP3 Vd S-parameters
AM006MX-QG-R* 13dB 22.0dBm 42% 34dBm 5V Download
AM012MX-QG-R* 13.5dB 25.0dBm 42% 37dBm 5V Download
AM024MX-QG-R* 13dB 28.0dBm 42% 39dBm 5V Download
AM036MX-QG-R* 12dB 29.5dBm 42% 42dBm 5V Download
AM048MX-QG-R* 11dB 31.0dBm 42% 43dBm 5V Download
AM072MX-CU-R* 11dB 34.0dBm 40% 46dBm 7V Download
AM090WX-CU-R 12dB 37dBm 45% 45dBm 8V Download
AM100MX-CU-R* 10dB 35.0dBm 37% 48dBm 7V Download
AM120WX-CU-R 11.5dB 38dBm 45% 46dBm 8V Download
AM150MX-CU-R* 10dB 36.5dBm 37% 50dBm 7V Download
AM200MX-CU-R* 10dB 38.0dBm 35% 48dBm 7V Download
AM300MX-CU-R* 9dB 39.5dBm 30% 52dBm 7V Download
AM005MH2-BI-R* 15dB 25dBm 40% 40dBm 14V Download
AM010MH2-BI-R* 15dB 28dBm 40% 43dBm 14V Download
AM020MH2-BI-R* 15dB 31dBm 40% 46dBm 14V Download
AM120MH2-BI-R 15dB 39dBm 30% 50dBm 14V Download
AM010MH4-BI-R* 19dB 31dBm 30% 46dBm 28V Download
AM030MH4-BI-R* 19dB 36dBm 35% 49dBm 28V Download
AM032MH4-BI-R* 19dB 36dBm 35% 49dBm 28V Download

*Part in-stock

GaAs pHEMT (good power density and efficiency)

Part Number Gss P1dB Eff@P1dB IP3 Vd S-parameters
AM005WH2-BI-R* 20dB 26dBm 37% 36dBm 14V 14V_50mA
AM005WX-BI-R 17dB 24.5dBm 50% 32dBm 8V 8V_50mA
AM010WH2-BI-R 18dB 30dBm 43% 40dBm 14V 14V_100mA
AM010WX-BI-R 16dB 28.5dBm 53% 37dBm 8V 8V_100mA
AM020WH2-BI-R* 18dB 33dBm 43% 43dBm 14V 14V_200mA
AM030WH2-BI-R* 18dB 34.5dBm 43% 44dBm 14V 14V_300mA
AM030WH4-BI-R* 21dB 37dBm 37% 49dBm 28V Download
AM030WX-BI-R* 14dB 33dBm 46% 41dBm 8V 8V_300mA
AM060WX-BI-R* 13.5dB 35.5dBm 47% 44dBm 8V 8V_600mA
AM060WH2-CU-R 17dB 38dBm 45% 47dBm 14V Download
AM120WH2-CU-R 16dB 39dBm 45% 48dBm 14V Download

*Part in-stock