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Application Notes
AN700 Handling & mounting - BM Package Assemply on PC Board

GaN MMIC Power Amplifiers

Model Frequency(MHz) Gss Psat Eff Vd Idq ECCN
AM004047SD-2H* 50-4000 30dB 46dBm 40% 25,90V 0.5,0.9A EAR99
AM006044SD-2H* 50-6000 21dB 44dBm 30% 30,60V 0.4,1.0A EAR99

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Model Frequency(GHz) SS Gain P1dB P5dB EffI Vd ECCN
AM00012033TM-SN-R* DC-12 14dB 26dBm 33dBm 15% 28V EAR99
AM00018033TM-SN-R* 0.05-18 14dB 22dBm 33dBm 15% 28V EAR99
AM018033TM-SN-R* 0.1-8.0 19dB 26dBm 33dBm 12% 28V EAR99
AM206541TM-SN-R* 2.0-6.5 26dB 38dBm 41dBm 20% 28V EAR99
AM07512041TM-SN-R* 7.5-12.0 21dB 38dBm 41dBm 20% 28V 3A001.b.2.b

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GaAs MMICs for VSAT & ITU Applications

Model Frequency(GHz) SS Gain P1dB P3dB EffI Vd ECCN
AM13516042WM-SO-R* 13.5-16.0 22dB 15W 16W 32% 8V 3A001.b.2.b

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Model Frequency(GHz) SS Gain P1dB P3dB Effi Vd ECCN
AM072239WM-SN-R* 0.7-2.2 GHz 30dB 38dBm 39dBm 25% 28V EAR99
AM357039WM-SN-R* 3.5-7.0GHz 21dB 37dBm 38.5dBm 24% 14V EAR99
AM357037WM-SN-R* 3.5-7.0GHz 26dB 36dBm 37dBm 24% 8V EAR99
AM559538WM-SN-R* 5.5-9.5GHz 24dB 37dBm 38dBm 25% 8V 3A001.b.2.b
AM07511542WM-SN-R* 8-11GHz 26dB 41dBm 42dBm 35% 8V 3A001.b.2.b
AM08011039WM-SN-R* 8-11GHz 28dB 39dBm 46dBm 20% 8V 3A001.b.2.b
AM08011041WM-SN-R* 8-11GHz 28dB 39dBm 48dBm 25% 8V 3A001.b.2.b
AM09012541WM-SN-R 9-12.5GHz 28dB 40dBm 41.5dBm 32% 8V 3A001.b.2.b
AM09012541WM-B-SN-R 9-12.5GHz 28dB 40dBm 41.5dBm 32% 8V 3A001.b.2.b

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Model Frequency(GHz) Gss(dB) P1dB(dBm) IP3(dBm) Eff(%) Vd(v) Vg
AM003536WM-XX-R* 0.01-3.5GHz 23dB 35dBm 48dBm 20% 20V -1.0
AM008030WM-XX-R* 0.05-10GHz 18dB 30dBm 48dBm 20% 12V -0.7
AM012535MM-XX-R* 0.03-2.5GHz 23dB 33dBm 45dBm 20% 20V -2.8
AM009023WM-XX-R* 0.05-9GHz 22dB 23dBm 30dBm 20% 12V -0.65
AM011037WM-XX-R* 0.1-1.0GHz 30dB 37dBm 45dBm 40% 8V -0.66
AM012020WM-XX-R* 0.1-2.0GHz 30dB 16dBm NF=2dB -- 8V -1.2
AM103026MM-XX-R* 0.9-3.2GHz 22dB 25dBm 43dBm 10% 14V -2.0
AM132740MM-XX-R* 1.3-2.7GHz 26dB 38dBm 51dBm 30% 14V -0.6
AM142540MM-XX-R* 1.4-1.8GHz 25dB 39dBm 50dBm 35% 14V -0.86
AM143440WM-XX-R* 1.4-3.4GHz 20dB 38.5dBm 48dBm 35% 12V -0.9
AM153040WM-XX-R* 1.4-3.4GHz 18dB 37dBm 43dBm 30% 12V -0.9
AM143438WM-XX-R* 1.5-1.8GHz 20.5dB 37.5dBm 43dBm 30% 12V -0.9
AM153540WM-XX-R* 1.5-3.5GHz 18dB 39dBm 48dBm 35% 14V -0.95
AM183030WM-XX-R** 1.6-3.3GHz 30.5dB 30.5dBm 39dBm 20% 8V -0.9
AM183031WM-XX-R** 1.6-3.3GHz 31.5dB 31.5dBm 40dBm 25% 8V -1.0
AM184635WM-XX-R* 1.8-4.6GHz 30dB 35dBm - 25% 7V -0.75
AM204437WM-XX-R* 2.0-4.4GHz 30dB 37dBm NA 25% 8V -0.76
AM244236WM-XX-R* 2.4-4.2GHz 31dB 36dBm NA 30% 8V -0.76
AM254038WM-XX-R* 2.5-4.0GHz 18dB 38dBm 45dBm 35% 12V -0.9
AM254540WM-XX-R* 2.5-4.5GHz 17dB 38dBm 45dBm 35% 12V -0.9
AM264240WM-XX-R* 2.6-4.2GHz 20dB 39dBm 50dBm 35% 14V -0.95
AM304031WM-XX-R* 2.6-4.6GHz 31dB 32dBm 39dBm 25% 8V -0.7
AM284233MM-XX-R* 2.8-4.2GHz 34dB 33dBm 40dBm 25% 8V -0.7
AM324036WM-XX-R* 3.0-4.2GHz 29dB 36dBm 45dBm 25% 8V -0.7

ECCN of all products in the above table is EAR99

*Part in-stock

**Replacement for discontinued AM183031WM-XX-R

[Note 1]: XX is BM or FM

[Note 2]: Gss is small signal gain, P1dB is output power at 1dB compression, IP3 is 3rd order intercept point, Eff is efficiency, Vd is positive voltage, Vg is negative voltage

[Note 3]: Size of BM package: 0.7 x 0.7 x 0.1 inch

[Note 4]: See data sheet for FM, SN, and CM package dimensions.

All our MMICs are RoHs compliant